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It was good to see you today and discuss my mobility progress over the last six months, as I said, I am not only climbing hills which would have been a totally unthinkable feat, but, now able to walk round city centres, galleries and coastal paths without having to think.

This new mobility has enabled me to have holidays including flights without having to go down the Special Assistance route as I was unable to stand in a queue for more than 10 minutes without pain in my lower back.

I have just celebrated my birthday with family and friends whom I haven't seen for 6 months or more. The reaction to my new found youth was amazing and some found it unbelievable , from mobility scooter to ascent of Everest. A younger family member was “gob smacked” and I now have a new name, LAZARUS!!'

Words cannot express how fortunate it was to visit you and then to meet Peter and colleagues in Hampstead for a way forward to my remarkable new lease of life.

Thanks for all your support (December 2019)

"In June 2012 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. Since then I have tried to manage life with this knowledge which led me to give up activities. I stopped playing football, golf and fishing as any action to turn my back was very sore. I also had to restrict my walking, cycling and jogging. On a recent run I was so sore I could go no further and had to stop my run. One session with Liz had me believing I could do all the things I had enjoyed so much but had given up or restricted. I have learned to relax and be positive about my strengths. My back pain has disappeared and I continue to run as well as ever. I have no problem gardening and have even got the golf clubs back. If, like me, you want to maintain an active life and you are restricted by what you may think is a chronic pain, try a session with Liz. It has made the world of difference to me." (October 2019)


"Firstly I apologise for taking so long to get in touch. Especially as you were true to your promise that you would cure my back pain without touching. I can’t believe the results after years of periodical pain and physio. My family are amazed at the results having suffered with me over the years! Thank you again and share my thoughts if you feel it will help. "

(September 2019)


Having spent my childhood riding ponies and  horses and falling off them many many times!! it  resulted in severe pain from the age of  14 - 50.   I   spent much of  20's.30,s and 40's visiting all number of specialist, Osteopaths, Chiropracters and more with many varying different treatments  offered, from endless manipulations, xrays & hot pots on my back that left the most amazing round dark bruises all over my back.  All of these treatments helped for a while normally three months and then i would back to square one again.  How I wish i had been told about the amazing Liz Noar. Her knowledge is very impressive and she was much more interested in getting me fixed  properly . At the time of meeting she mentioned that I shouldn't need  to be seen quarterly and recommended yoga.

Well here I am two years later pain free.  Liz is very thorough continually adding to her knowledge and is highly highly recommended. Not only have I saved £100's but more importantly I can enjoy and active and pain free life. 

(September 2019)


“Both me and my son have recently been treated for back pain by Liz. Liz is an exceptional physiotherapist with a very caring manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of best advice and care. Thank you Liz!"

(August 2019)


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